Waseem Badami Taunted Iqrar Ul HassanWaseem Badami Taunted Iqrar Ul Hassan

Iqrar ul Hassan is a prominent journalist in Pakistan. He is also recognized for his several marriages, and his entire family is well-known in the media. Iqrar ul Hassan is married to anchors Qurutulain Iqrar, Farah Iqrar, and Aroosa Khan. Iqrar and Aroosa just married, and their union is now public. She also has a close relationship with Qurutulain Iqrar, who only has one kid, Pehlaaj Hassan.

Iqrar ul Hassan is currently busy with his Ramadan broadcast on ARY alongside Waseem Badami, and they both host several portions of the show. Cooking is also involved, as a chef prepares new foods every day. Waseem and Iqrar were back on the transmission when Waseem taunted Iqrar.

During a cooking demonstration, the chef informed the audience that anyone who had tried her vegetable-based recipe had fallen in love. Badami urges Iqrar to step away, which he will handle because Iqrar falls in love easily.

Waseem Badami Taunted Iqrar Ul Hassan

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Here is that video where Waseem Badami Taunted Iqrar Ul Hassan:

People had a good chuckle after Waseem Badami Taunted Iqrar Ul Hassan and reminded out that Iqrar still has one slot available:

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