Arif Lohar Reaches FIFA WorldCup

Arif Lohar is a great veteran artist from Pakistan. He has immortalized Punjabi folk music with his voice and chumta, and people adore his tunes. He is an artist who has evolved with time, continuously reinventing his sound while keeping the essence of his work rooted in history. His melodies are party anthems for the comfort of broken hearts. He recently released a new song called Aa, and despite its simplicity, it quickly became one of the most popular in the world.

Arif Lohar

The artist has achieved another major milestone, with Pakistani football fans learning that his song Aa has been published on FIFA Worldcup’s official Instagram page. The song was used to wish Messi a happy birthday alongside a video of his World Cup victory.

Arif Lohar Reaches FIFA WorldCup

Here is Arif Lohar’s song, which was aired on FIFA World Cup with an Urdu caption:

Pakistani fans are both pleased and surprised that their favorite musician has appeared beside their favorite athlete. Check out this reaction:

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