12 Most Followed Pakistani Celebrities on Instagram12 Most Followed Pakistani Celebrities on Instagram

Pakistani television stars have achieved great success and renown over time. They are now considered Subcontinent A-list celebrities, a significant achievement for Pakistan’s media sector. Many actors receive notice for their talent, honors, and successful projects. Seniors are mature actors who are adored, regardless of whether they have a significant social media following. Young performers, on the other hand, are frequently judged by the number of followers they have on social media. A large following is like hitting the lottery for performers, attracting hefty endorsements from high-end brands. Here is a list of Most Followed Pakistani Celebrities on Instagram.

1- Ayeza Khan 13.9 Million
2- Hania Aamir 13.1 Million
3- Aiman Khan 12 Million
4- Sarah Khan 11.7 Million
5- (a) Mahira Khan 10.9 Million
5- (b) Iqra Aziz 10.9 Million
6- Sajal 10.2 Million
7- Minal 10.1 Million
8- Kinza Hashmi 9 Million
9- (a) Yumna Zaidi 8.8 Million
9- (b)Sana Javed 8.8 Million
10- Imran Abbas 8.6 Million

Most Followed Pakistani Celebrities on Instagram

Ayeza Khan – 13.9 Million

Ayeza Khan, a brilliant Pakistani actress, leads the list with 13.9 million followers, which is growing significantly daily. Her participation in brand photoshoots and insight into numerous events have helped her gain a large following. She is top of the 12 Most Followed Pakistani Celebrities on Instagram.

Hania Aamir – 13.1 Million

Hania Aamir is Pakistan’s second most popular actress, with 13.1 million fans who grow by the day. She is a lovely, fun-loving, sociable, and joyful girl who enjoys sharing her lifestyle. She is 2nd of the twelve Most Followed Pakistani Celebrities on Instagram

Aiman Khan – 12 Million

Aiman Khan is third, with over 12 million followers; despite taking a long vacation from the theater industry, she still has a sizable following. Aiman Khan enjoys providing updates on her family, which her admirers enjoy.

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Sarah Khan – 11.7 Million

Sarah Khan has 11.7 million followers, which is a tremendous accomplishment. She enjoys posting cute family photos, and admirers appreciate Falak Shabir’s sweet gestures for Sarah on Instagram. Sarah does not hide anything from her fans.

Mahira Khan – 10.9 Million

Mahira Khan is one of the most popular Pakistani celebrities, having a large fan base, including a sizable worldwide following. Mahira might have easily topped the list if she spent more time on social media. She rarely shares private moments on Instagram.

Iqra Aziz – 10.9 Million

Iqra Aziz has a comparable number of followers as Mahira. She is a carefree individual who just shows off her photoshoots and a few family images. Iqra Aziz should be more active on social media.

Sajal Aly – 10.2 Million

Sajal Aly is a brilliant actress who recently received Tamgha E Imtiaz as well. She barely posts anything on social media, including stories related to work. Sajal Aly should also post pictures on social media more often.

Minal Khan – 10.1 Million

Minal Khan has 10.1 million followers. She was very active on social media before the birth of her kid. The actor is now preoccupied with her adorable son and rarely posts on social media.

Kinza Hashmi – 9.1 Million

Kinza Hashmi is an incredibly skilled and beautiful Pakistani actress who has quickly amassed a large fan base. She currently has approximately 9.1 million followers and will soon become the luckiest actor to reach the 10-million mark. Fans adore her vibrant personality.

Yumna Zaidi – 8.8 Million

Yumna Zaidi has approximately 8.8 million followers. Despite her numerous flawless performances, Yumna Zaidi’s Instagram following remained modest. She gained popularity after appearing in the hit drama series “Tere Bin.”

Sana Javed – 8.8 Million

Sana Javed has a decent fan base of 8.8 million. She noticed an increase in her fan base after starring in the successful serial “Khaani.” Sana Javed also keeps her followers up to date with the most recent photos and spectacular photoshoots. She is second last on the list of 12 Most Followed Pakistani Celebrities on Instagram.

Imran Abbas – 8.6 Million

Imran Abbas is Pakistan’s most popular male actor, having an impressive 8.6 million followers. He has built a strong international following. Imran Abbas is known for his attractive demeanor and exceptional acting abilities. He is the last one on the list of 12 Most Followed Pakistani Celebrities on Instagram.

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