Iqrar Ul Hassan's Second Wife’s Reaction & Sentiments After His Third MarriageIqrar Ul Hassan's Second Wife’s Reaction & Sentiments After His Third Marriage

Iqrar Ul Hassan is a well-known television personality who requires no introduction due to his numerous appearances in popular shows. His third marriage has recently gained attention as he revealed it in a recent interview with YouTube channel Lahore Rang. Following the official confirmation, Iqrar Ul Hassan has been called for several interviews. We discovered Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Second Wife Reaction in an interview.

Iqrar Ul Hassan's Second Wife

He was recently observed in a Neo TV interview when he revealed all the details concerning his third marriage. He stated that her marriage to Aroosa Khan was her choice. It was also an accident that occurred as a result of the circumstances; he did not design it, but it came his way. People are now curious about the reaction of his second wife to his third marriage. Iqrar Ul Hassan has also remarked about his wife’s reaction.

In an interview with Neo News, he stated that Qurat Ul Ain Iqrar approved of his decision to marry Aroosa Khan, but Farah Iqrar was not pleased. Here is what he stated:

In a previously recorded podcast, we found Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Second Wife’s Reactions to his third marriage. He said, “Farah is clever in this regard, she just says that she has no issues with my third marriage, but she has issues”.

He once hinted at what Farah believes about his third marriage. He went on to say, “Farah allows me for the third marriage, she says that she is okay with that but it is not the case, she has a problem with my third marriage, she doesn’t want me to get married, she says it just to become good, but then girls will eventually approach me for a third marriage so it will become a trouble for Farah” . In addition to this, he remarked, “probably Qurat Ul Ain won’t be having any issues with my third marriage because she already had experienced it”. Here’s a link to the video:

Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Second Wife also stated in an old interview, “Iqrar Ul Hassan admits that I am quite strict about his third marriage”. Here are the links to Farah’s videos about Iqrar’s third marriage:

Here is the complete link to Neo News’ interview:

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Here are a few social media posts shared by Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Second Wife:

Iqrar Ul Hassan's Second Wife
Iqrar Ul Hassan's Second Wife

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