Alizeh Shah's Korean lookAlizeh Shah's Korean look

South Korea has made a significant impact on the world stage with soft power. Korean material has become increasingly popular in recent years, with people all over the world enjoying Korean music, dramas, and films. Korean dramas have a large fanbase in Pakistan, while music bands such as BTS and Black Pink are popular among young people. Korean beauty standards and cosmetics methods have also penetrated our country, offering a fresh perspective on beauty after Pakistanis were previously wowed by Bollywood and Hollywood standards.

Alizeh Shah is a starlet who became famous after her appearance in the drama Ehd e Wafa. She has since been a part of many hit dramas and she is also very active on social media. She has recently been wearing very Korean-inspired looks and her latest pictures are a testament to how much she likes Korean beauty.

Alizeh Shah’s Korean look:

Alizeh Shah's Korean look
Alizeh Shah's Korean look
Alizeh Shah's Korean look

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People were not thrilled by Alizeh Shah’s Korean look, saying she was attempting to imitate Lisa from Black Pink and had lost her original look and charm. Here’s what they said:

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