Drama Scene Receives Praise for Respecting HijabDrama Scene Receives Praise for Respecting Hijab

Umm-e-Ayesha is a Geo Television lesson-oriented Ramazan drama serial that began broadcasting on Ramadan 1st. It airs daily at 6 p.m. The story follows the adventures of the little girl Ayesha, played by Nimra Khan. The drama is the seventh Sky Entertainment presentation. Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi are the producers. Saleem Ghanchi directed the drama, which was written by Hina Huma Nafees. The cast features Omer Shahzad, Mehmood Akhtar, Nida Mumtaz, Tara Mahmood, Rehma Zaman, Eman Asim Mehmood, Diya Rahman, Mohsin Gillani, Beena Chaudhry, and Ayesha Rajpoot, among others.

Drama Scene Receives Praise for Respecting Hijab

The moment from the drama serial Umm-e-Ayesha has become popular on Facebook. At the moment, the main heroine Ayesha, represented by Nimra Khan, chose the Hijab above her career. The interviewer rejected Ayesha for the job because she wore a hijab. The other individual who was listening to Ayesha’s chat with the interviewer about Hijab later hired her. The scene was wonderfully executed. Nimra Khan and Mohsin Ali Gillani’s performances were well-received by fans. Fans also praised Nimra Khan’s flawless portrayal of a Hijabi girl.

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People are complimenting the drama makers for delivering a strong message during Ramadan. Fans admire Ayesha’s fortitude in not compromising her ideals and continuing to wear the Hijab. Many argue that people should support such stories. A few social media users have stated that Pakistan is an Islamic country, thus wearing a Hijab or Veil should not be an issue, and that every lady should begin wearing a Hijab. Some social media users believe that girls dislike wearing hijab. People are also praying for Nimra Khan to start wearing hijab because they admire her innocent beauty. A few viewers argue that while the drama’s message is undoubtedly positive, her hijab should have been more acceptable.

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