Ramadan special very filmy to be bannedRamadan special very filmy to be banned

Ramadan introduces a new series on Pakistani TV. After Suno Chanda’s spectacular popularity, we’ve been getting Ramadan special dramas every year, and every station tries to outdo the others with their series. This Ramadan, we have seen numerous Ramadan specials, and Hum TV, the pioneer of this trend, has also released two episodes. Very Filmy is a popular drama that has sparked a lot of disagreement among viewers.

Ramadan special very filmy to be banned

This Ameer Gilani and Dananeer Mobeen film features various Indian cinema recreations as the plot follows the hero attempting to imitate SRK. The moments are taken from well-known films such as Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Pathaan, and Devdas. Last night’s program also had a scenario in which Ameer impersonated Shahrukh while Dananeer imitated Aishwarya Rai Bachan.

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People believe that imitating Indian movies is terrible and that airing this stuff during Ramadan makes no sense. There has been a lot of anger from the audience, and many have even urged for the play to be banned because India always belittles Pakistanis in their content while Pakistanis promote their artists.

Here’s what the audience says:

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