Sania About not Displaying vulnerabilitySania About not Displaying vulnerability

Sania Mirza is an Indian star athlete who made her country proud by becoming the number one tennis player in the world, as well as paving the path for many other South Asian female athletes. She was married to Pakistani cricket player Shoaib Malik. The ex-couple had a son and divorced recently, with Shoaib Malik marrying actress Sana Javed. Sania Mirza handled the situation with elegance, and she is still popular and respected in Pakistan. She just retired from sports and has been pursuing other interests.

Not Displaying Vulnerability

In an interview with Indian publication Firstpost, Sania Mirza discussed becoming a star at the age of 16. She stated that she became a public personality at the age of 16 and has spent most of her life in the spotlight. She stated that she has always attempted to be as honest as possible in front of the camera.

She stated that it is difficult to be vulnerable to the world. She has been known to smile in front of the world despite having had a meltdown only minutes before. She stated that she occasionally expresses her fragility, but as a prominent figure, you cannot constantly do so since you may be taken advantage of.

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Here is what Sania had to say about not Displaying vulnerability to the world:

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