Hafiz Ahmed Under CriticismHafiz Ahmed Under Criticism

Hafiz Ahmed is an excellent Pakistani social media influencer. Currently, A video took Hafiz Ahmed Under Criticism. He became famous as a podcaster after interviewing prominent Pakistani personalities. Aside from this, he is the founder and CEO of E-Comrades. Hafiz Ahmed is a superb motivational speaker and Amazon specialist. He started working on Amazon in 2012 and has launched over 500 products to far. He is from Bahawalpur, Punjab. Hafiz Ahmed is happily married with a gorgeous family. Currently, the YouTuber is on vacation. He is exploring Japan.

Hafiz Ahmed Under Criticism

The well-known Pakistani podcaster is facing harsh criticism after a video of him eating pricey steak went viral. Well, he tried the famed Japanese Kobe Beef steak, which costs Rs. 2 lacs (Pakistani). Kobe beef is a meat made from Japanese black cattle that are farmed in Japan. It is produced from a particularly soft cut of meat. Kobe beef can be cooked as steak, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, sushi, or teppanyaki. Hafiz Ahmed, a well-known podcaster, also demonstrated how to make Kobe Beef steak. He remarked he had never eaten such delicate beef before. Hafiz Ahmed stated, “I generally don’t eat beef steak since it is always quite hard to chew, however, this meat is very tasty and melts in the mouth.

Here is the video shared by Hafiz Ahmed:

Now this video took Hafiz Ahmed Under Criticism. People are calling him out for squandering money on a little piece of steak. Many people believe he could use the money for charity or to fund a large event. Some believe he should not have shared such a video during Ramadan. Social media users are dissatisfied with Hafiz Ahmed. A social media user remarked, “It appears that Hafiz Ahmed enjoys degrading Pakistan because he always praises other countries while speaking negatively about Pakistan.” Another social media user commented, “For you, it is an experience, but for me, it is a yearly income; God bless you.”

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