Yashma Gill Lose Faith In IslamYashma Gill Lose Faith In Islam

Yashma Gill is an actor who never hesitates to express her feelings. She is quite candid about her life and her decisions, including her faith and how she has refilled it over time. She was a guest on Ahmad Ali Butt’s podcast, where we can see why Yashma Gill Lose Faith In Islam before returning to religion.

Yashma Gill Lose Faith In Islam

Talking about her life, Yashma stated that she has always believed in Karma and that if you do good, good will come to you. However, she was going through a lot, and this was not occurring at all. As a young girl, she was angry that Allah SWT was not assisting her, and good things do not ensure that you would receive what you desire. As a result, she became increasingly estranged from her religion.

She eventually realized that she was wrong and that Allah SWT always has greater things in store for you.

Video about Yashma Gill Lose Faith In Islam:

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Yashma Gill about Hania Amir:

Yashma Gill also commented on the idea that Hania Aamir is better known for her social media than for her acting efforts. She stated that social media stardom occurs when you perform good work. Hania Aamir also creates high-quality content for her social media accounts; she does not publish at random. Yashma is close pals with Hania.

She also narrated how someone told her that he was feeling low and he was then suggested to watch Hania’s reels and they made him happy.

This is what Yashma had to say:

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