Video Wali Sarkar EngagementVideo Wali Sarkar Engagement

Bilal Munir is a Pakistani tech vlogger better known as Video Wali Sarkar. He is Pakistan’s most prominent tech critic, providing honest reviews of all forthcoming technologies. Most Pakistani cellphone customers watch his videos before purchasing new gadgets. Bilal Munir’s YouTube channel, Video Wali Sarkar, has 2.42 million subscribers. Bilal has recently focused on reviewing all of the most expensive and high-end products. In addition to tech vlogging, Bilal enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.

The YouTuber just proposed to a beautiful girl in an intimate family ceremony. YouTubers Shahveer Jafry and Rana Hamza Saif were also present at Bilal’s engagement occasion. Bilal Munir also attended Rana Hamza Saif’s wedding. Bilal did not reveal the face or information of his stunning fiancée, but he did share a few photos for his admirers to see. We’ve compiled a collection of stunning photos from his engagement ceremony for you.

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Take a peek at Bilal aka Video Wali Sarkar Engagement photographs.

Video Wali Sarkar Engagement
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