Saboor Aly's New LookSaboor Aly's New Look

Saboor Aly is a top actress in Pakistan. Despite being a superstar’s sister, she has carved out a niche for herself and is constantly showered with love and gratitude from her followers. She is extremely adaptable, playing a variety of characters in dramas. She is also a fashionista who enjoys experimenting with different appearances. Saboor recently debuted a new look that has sparked a lot of controversy.

She wore modest trousers and a blouse with side cutouts. Her clothes were dressed with tied-back hair and stunning makeup. Here are some photos from Saboor’s date with Ali Ansari.

Here is Saboor Aly’s New Look:

Saboor Aly's New Look

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Saboor Aly's New Look

People are critical of her appearance and have a lot to say.

Here’s what the internet said on Saboor Aly’s New Look:

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