Naseem shah got supportNaseem shah got support

The T20 Cricket World Cup 2024 is being held in the United States this year, and Pakistan is also competing and representing their country. The Pakistani team has had a disappointing start to the World Cup due to excessive political involvement, incorrect administrative appointments, and incorrect team selections, which have ruined player morale, and fans have few hopes. The tournament’s biggest match, India against Pakistan, occurred in New York yesterday.

Naseem Shah, who not only bowled his best spell but also was the most impactful player with the bat, was the only one who stood up and fought until the end, and he was in tears when the team was humiliated. Imad Wasim and Amir, who were given extraordinary support by the board, Iftikhar, dubbed the finisher, Babar Azam, and Mohammad Rizwan, who “used” to be the golden openers, all failed in their respective fields.

Naseem Shah

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Though cricket fans did not have high hopes for this team, it was heartbreaking, and they backed up Naseem Shah. Naseem received appreciation on social media for his efforts in trying to win the game. Here’s what they say:

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