Ishq Murshid Episode 17Ishq Murshid Episode 17

The fictitious character Ishq Murshid is adored among Pakistanis. This is not a drama about sister rivalry or conspirator saas-bahus. Fans of Shahmeer/Fazal Bakhsh and Shibra are enamored with their story since it is a romantic love story with the added dynamic of politics. With each new adorable scene with the leads and supporting cast members, the drama is progressing and the Ishq Murshid audience is being given enjoyment.

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Ishq Murshid Episode 17

In the most recent Ishq Murshid Episode 17, Fazal Bakhsh’s subtly expressed love for Shibra was eventually revealed. His fans were even more enamored with him because of his bright orange outfit and all the antics he pulled. In addition to gaining popularity, the actual Fazal Bakhsh is also becoming known as Ishq Murshid’s notorious Murshid sayein. Fans also look forward to the relationship between the two Fazal Bakhshs every week.

Ishq Murshid Episode 17
Ishq Murshid Episode 17
Ishq Murshid Episode 17

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Here are some ways that people are expressing their affection for both the real and replica Fazal Bakhsh:

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