Indian Media Claims Feroze Khan Is Dating Indian Star

Feroze Khan is a huge celebrity in Pakistan. His career began as Humaima Malick’s brother, but he climbed to prominence and carved out a position for himself. He now has his popularity and a devoted fan base that ensures that all of his ventures are a huge success. Feroze also puts a lot of consideration into what he signs up for, his most recent being Akhara, where he has completely transformed himself into Dilsher.

Feroze Khan, following the success of Akhara and Khumar, is preparing for a new film in which he will star alongside Indian actress Geethika. Feroze Khan’s personal life is often scrutinized because he is a great figure. His divorce was recently quite controversial, and the charges of alleged domestic abuse that surfaced shook the entire business.

Now, Indian critic Kamal R Khan claims that Feroze Khan is dating Indian singer Geethika, with whom he also stars in a film. Feroze has revealed behind-the-scenes photos from their film shoot.

Images From Film Shoot

Feroze Khan Is Dating Indian

Kamal R Khan was brazen, claiming that Geethika would dwell in Pakistan for a few years before returning after being trounced by Feroze Khan.

Here is his video about Feroze Khan Is Dating Indian:

Video Link :

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This is how people are reacting after the clip about Feroze Khan Is Dating Indian went viral:

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