Reema Khan in MadinahReema Khan in Madinah

Reema Khan is one of the country’s top superstars. She was a major film star who later became a successful film director. She married Tariq Shahab, a doctor residing in the United States, at the height of her career, and she now has a lovely family. She has one son and travels all over the world to balance her family and business commitments.

The Hajj 2024 has begun, and Reema Khan, along with many other fortunate Muslims, is participating this year. She began her Hajj journey in Madinah Munawarrah and documented some of the amazing things she experienced on Instagram.

Photos of Reema Khan in Madinah:

Reema Khan in Madinah

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Also, watch an Instagram reel of Reema Khan in Madinah:

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