Natasha Ali In TearsNatasha Ali In Tears

Natasha Ali is an actress and model best renowned for her powerful and bright style, as well as her ability to remain a strong woman in the face of adversity. Natasha has appeared in a number of dramas, many of which were megahits, including Dolly Ki Aayegi Baraat. She recently appeared on the reality show Tamasha, and viewers adored her and the way she played the game with power and fairness.

Natasha Ali

Natasha appears to be a strong woman, yet there are occasions in life that cause you to cry. She was a guest on Wasi Shah’s show and was questioned about the darkest time in her life. Natasha was unable to contain her emotions as she described the loss of her maternal grandma. She revealed that her Nani used to live with them and was closer to her than her own mother.

She recalled receiving a phone call informing her that her grandmother was ill and that she needed to come to the hospital. She missed her so much at her wedding because she wanted her to be present in those times.

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This is what Natasha Ali shared with the world:

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