Sania Mirza And Umair Jaswal CallSania Mirza And Umair Jaswal Call

Sana Javed and Shoaib Malik’s marriage stunned the internet. Before this revelation, no one knew this was happening, nor did they know the outcome of Shoaib and Sana’s prior marriages. But after being taken aback, the internet began to back Sania Mirza and Umair Jaswal, who were at this point Shoaib and Sania’s ex-partners.

Who Is Shoaib Malik?

Shoaib Malik is a Pakistani cricketer who plays for the Pakistan national cricket team and currently plays for Karachi Kings in the Pakistan Super League. He was the captain of the Pakistan national cricket team from 2007 to 2009.

Who Is Sana Javed?

Sana Javed is a Pakistani actress who appears on Urdu television. She made her debut in 2012 with Shehr-e-Zaat and later on, appeared in several serials. She received recognition after portraying the titular role in the romantic drama Khaani for which she received a nomination at the Lux Style Awards.

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Sania Mirza And Umair Jaswal Call

Throughout this whole mess, Umair Jaswal has mostly been quiet, but now his famous friends are complimenting him on his grace, and journalist Naeem Hanif, the head of Samaa’s Lahore bureau, is now providing some inside insights.

Who is Sania Mirza?

Sania Mirza is an Indian former professional tennis player. A former doubles world No. 1, she won six major titles – three in women’s doubles and three in mixed doubles. From 2003 until she retired from singles in 2013, she was ranked by the Women’s Tennis Association as the No. 1 Indian in singles.

Who Is Umair Jeswal?

Umair Jaswal is a Pakistani actor, singer-songwriter, and music producer from Islamabad. He was also the lead vocalist of the rock band Qayaas. Umair is the brother of singers Yasir Jaswal and Uzair Jaswal.

Sania Mirza And Umair Jaswal Call
Sania Mirza And Umair Jaswal Call

Naeem Hanif claims that following the events, Umair Jaswal gave Sania Mirza a call. He listened to Sania and expressed his emotions in all of this. Umair has turned off his cell phone and is not answering calls at this time, including from reporters. Sania Mirza And Umair Jaswal Call

He further claimed that Shoaib Malik’s family was against his union with Sana. They also traveled to Dubai in an attempt to reconcile his and Sania’s differences, but Shoaib ignored them and nothing came of it.

The journalist went on to say that Umair had no intention of divorcing Sana. Then, he received calls from some of Sana’s most influential friends who reside in Rawalpindi, asking him to sign the divorce papers. Now that he’s done it, he’s not talking about anything at all.

This is all what he said about them:

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